Elmic is situated in the highlands of the Eastern Free State. This is ideal cattle breeding country. Our philosophy is natural management of veld grass for animal production. We believe that animals must have enough water and grass and be totally adapted to nature.

We have been through fire and ice to bring you the best Elmic has to offer.  We are in a high rainfall grassland area. Balance and harmony is what makes a success story.

Let us farm in balance and harmony, for it is beautiful and the backbone of human civilization. For me it is an honour to be counted as a producer.

Hi everyone

It has been a long time since we have spoken and a lot has happened since then. I hope that you are all well and that Covid and all the ridiculous lockdowns are behind us. Now we have the Ukraine and Russian conflict and people are even threatening nuclear weapons, we defiantly live in interesting times.

As I am getting older and watching the next generation farm, I get to spend more time on my horse, enjoying the water, grass, hills but mostly the cattle. Everything is so peaceful, the bulls cover the cows, the cows calve, the birds build their nests, all the insects live in their own ecosystem, the vleigrass clean the water, and everything fits into a picture.

In a world more and more driven by technology and the next great invention, this generation seems to have lost sight of the world that sustains us. As breeders and owners of animals we have a collective responsibility to see to a healthy productive live while they are in our control and care. We must respect all things we eat and give thanks for the sacrifices they made to improve our quality of life. I am proud of the animals I spend time with and that had been part of my life over the years.

Thank you for your loyal support and may the coming season truly be something to celebrate for you and your family.

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        10 August 2022
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“We love working with horses because there is a silent understanding between animals. From understanding comes harmony in work.”



Cows in autumn




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