For more than a decade, Elmic Beefmasters have sold bulls to clients across the country, and from diverse climate regions. I am pleased to report that all the feedback that I have received to date has been very positive. We believe in early to medium mature cattle with good muscling and walking capability.  Being a stud breeder places a huge responsibility on your shoulders. Not only to help your client to improve the quality of his herd, but also to assist in getting his calves on the field in order to improve his financial situation.

I believe in a farming unit where everything works in harmony in order to maintain a balance. Our cattle are visited on a daily basis, and we make intensive use of horses. We farm in a diverse region with many marshes and ridges, where it is impossible to travel by motor vehicle. Winter often brings about fires, which in turn makes it essential to use horses in order to drive our cattle away from the fire. Animals that perform well in veld conditions, also tend to perform very well in feedlots, while the opposite doesn’t always appear to be true. We started breeding with Beefmasters 15 years ago, with Dr Hannes Dreyer as our herd consultant; he is still involved with us to this day.

We believe in the veld bull concept, and that provides our clients with a fertile, veld-adapted bull which can work for many years. A bull has to be able to walk with ease before it is sold on auction. Each morning, all of the bulls are herded on horseback at a reasonable pace, over a distance of five kilometres, in order to ensure that the client buys a bull that has excellent walking capabilities, as well as strong cloves.

Our bulls are extensively tested and are known for their high libidos as well as their mating capabilities.

You can contact me at any time to talk about cattle or to obtain additional information. Adaptable animals have to thrive in any condition, ranging from the coldest winter, the wonderful spring rain, to cooling off in the hottest summer.



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